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Aaron Martin U.S. Civil War letters

Abbie Hoffman Incident oral histories

Albert Sherrad Campbell U.S. Civil War journals

Albert Thomas papers

Andrew Forest Muir papers

Andy A. Barentine Oil Exploration records

Ann Marie Stewart Turner letters

Archives of the Impossible oral histories

Arthur E. Jones Architectural records

Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, letters

Ayers family collection


Barack Obama Science Policy Collection

Benjamin M. Anderson Aeronautical History collection

Bianca DeLeon collection

Bobby Joe Moon family genealogy collection

Boys from Houston research files

Braes Republican Women's Club records

Britton Collection of Early Texas and U.S. Civil War documents

Broun Family U.S. Civil War papers

Brown & Root executive files

Bruce Bryant collection


Cantor Meir Finkelstein Jewish Music collection

Capitalism and Convict Leasing in the American South: a Symposium records

Capt. James A. Baker and the Rice Institute papers

Capt. James A. Baker of Houston, 1857-1941 biography research materials

Capt. James A. Baker photographs

Captain Edwin Fosha U.S. Civil War letters

Center for Engaged Research and Collaborative Learning (CERCL) records

Chandler Davidson Texas Politics research collection

Charles Baldwin letters

Charles Ricketts and Charles Shannon collection

Charles Roberts U.S. Civil War letters

Charles Tapley architectural collection

Charlotte and Maximilian collection

Chinese American Citizens Alliance records (Houston Chapter)

Chuan-Hua Gershom Lowe, National Party, Chinese Diplomat papers

Clark Bruster World War I Camp Logan collection

Colonel Cyrus Burnet Smith U.S. Civil War papers

Colonel Edward M. House correspondence

Community Artists' Collective records

Congregation Beth Jacob collection

Congregation Beth Yeshurun of Houston records

Congregation Emanu El records

Congregation K'nesseth Israel records

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston videos

Covid-19 Reflections at Rice University oral history interviews

Covid-19 Student Memories collection


Daily / Hart Family papers

Danny Everitt collection

Danny McVey collection

Daum / Gersh Family papers

David John Scribner collection

David Latimer Tinling-Widdrington journal

David Rodriguez collection

Diary of an anonymous German Girl

Dillingham Family papers

Dogtooth Violet collection

Don Sanders collection

Donald J. Trump Science Policy Collection

Donald William Looser dissertation "Music in Houston, 1930-1971"

Dr. Ed C. M. Chen collection of oral history interviews with Asian American Houstonians

Dr. John McNeill Stewart medical log


Early Houston histories and documents

Early Rice Institute records

Edmund Jack Pecht World War II uniform and related materials

Edward Chen Family collection

Edwin N. Lunn diary

Elizabeth Craw diary

Ellington Field research collection

Ensemble Theatre records

Eseck G. Wilber U.S. Civil War letters


Flyleaf: Friends of Fondren Library newsletter

Francisco Frejes Ensayo Sobre La Reduccion Y Colonizacion De Las Tribus Barbaras Del Continente


Gene and Hedy Lee Chinese newspapers and photographs collection

General George Cullum Civil War letter

George Banks collection

George Ensle collection

George H. W. Bush Science Policy collection

George W. Bush Science Policy Collection

George W. Frost Military and personal papers

Gertrude Barnstone papers

Gilcrease Oil Company "Early Days" video

Great Britain Admiralty account book

Guide to the papers of Julian Huxley

Gus S. Wortham records


History of Science rare book collection images

Houston area land records for the Little, Dickson and Pastoriza additions

Houston Area Rainbow Collective History (ARCH) oral histories

Houston Asian American Archives oral histories

Houston Asian American Archives oral history images and ephemera

Houston Asian American Archives oral history transcripts

Houston Blues Museum Archive oral histories

Houston Folk Music Archive oral histories

Houston Folk Music Collection

Houston Hadassah collection

Houston Hillel scrapbooks

Houston images and postcards collection

Houston Yacht Club records

Howard Porper collection


Illuminated Sacred Manuscripts collection

Illuminated Sacred Music Manuscripts collection


J. Russell Wait Port of Houston records

Jack McCaine NASA papers

Jack Saunders collection

James F. Grimes U.S. Civil War letters

James Fraher photograph collection

James Lockhart Autry Family papers

James S. Waters World War I scrapbook

Jefferson Davis Association interviews

Jefferson Davis letters and related materials collection

Jerry C. Debes World War II papers

Jesse H. Jones family papers

Jewish Herald-Voice papers

Jimmy Don Smith collection

Jingban Tianwen Quantu map

Joe Biden Science Policy Collection

John A. Dix Civil War pass and letter

John Brown letter

John C. Crosby U.S. Civil War Diary

John Campbell personal papers

John H. Gibbons papers

John H. Wright collection of U.S. Civil War and related ephemera collection

John Lomax III collection

John R. Dunban U.S. Civil War correspondence

John Singleton Mosby Confederate Calvary scrapbook

John Wyatt Moody biographical papers

Judge Peter W. Gray papers

Julian and Juliette Huxley papers

Julian Huxley at Rice


Kezia Payne DePelchin Yellow fever epidemic letters

Kirby Petroleum Company images

KTRU Rice Radio archive

Kuntz Louisiana Civil War collection


Lamar travel journal

Letters Concerning the Slave Trade and the USS John Adams

Libby Prison Inmate U.S. Civil War letter

Liberty Hall collection

Lovett World Tour

Lt. John Anderson notebook

Lucille Borella collection

Lukes Collection of Houston Photographic research materials

Lynn Langham collection


Major Winslow F. Sanderson papers

Manuel and Carmen Paredes letters and scrapbooks

Marguerite Johnston Barnes research materials for Houston, The Unknown City

Marilyn Hassid SAR collection

Mark Kulstad academic papers

Mary J. Bobo Confederate scrapbook

Max Herzog World War II Memorabilia collection

Memoranda to British Ship Captains from the Admiralty

Miller Family U.S. Civil War letters

Mirabeau Bonaparte Lamar travel journal

Moreau Forrest Letter to Mary Forrest


Neal Lane papers

Neumann Family papers

Nicholas Bryar Massenburg daybook

Norman Hurd Ricker papers


On the Flogging of Women commentary

Orlando Poole letters

Osterhout Family papers

Otto Eisenlohr Rice Institute letters

Our Americas Archive Partnership

Oveta Culp Hobby papers


Paul B. Hendrickson World War I collection

PCAST Oral History Interviews

PCAST reports

Peninsular War letters

Pleasantville Neighborhood history book and oral histories

Public News


Ralph Anderson, Jr. papers

Ralph Fales Photograph collection

Reginald Moore Sugar Land Convict Leasing System research collection

Rev. William A. Lawson papers

Rice Audio collection

Rice Film and Video collection

Rice Hispanic History Project oral histories

Rice Hotel collection

Rice Images and Documents

Rice Institute / Rice University books

Rice Institute Business Manager's papers

Rice Media Center Film and Video collection

Rice University Charter Trial records

Rice University Commencement Programs and Ephemera

Rice University General Announcements

Rice University oral histories

Rice University scrapbook collection

Rice Women's Conference oral histories

Rich Layton collection

Richard Dobson collection

Richard G. Park, Jr. scrapbook

Robert Avalon music collection

Robert Schumann collection

Rochella Cooper papers

Rockefeller's collection

Roy M. Huffington Oil Company records

Ruth Hutton Fred papers


Sallyport magazine

Sam Houston papers

Sara Hickman collection

Scotty ATL collection

Sharon and Lew Andre Mathews collection

Shelby D. Goodman collection

Sir George Cranfield Berkeley papers

Sir Hall Caine letters

Sir John William Phillips Marshall letters

Sir Richard John Strachan letter

Sir William Sidney Smith papers

South Texas Jewish Archives oral histories

South Texas Jewish Archives vertical files

Stockton Axson collection of 18th Century British Drama


Task Force on Slavery, Segregation and Racial Injustice reports

Task Force on Slavery, Segregation, and Racial Injustice documents

Task Force on Slavery, Segregation, and Racial Injustice Friday webinars

Texas Artillery, Maclin-Fox-Dege Battery records

Texas City Disaster records

Texas Mexico Border Campaign at Camp Stewart scrapbook

The Banded Geckos collection

The Campanile

The Cornerstone: Newsletter of the Rice Historical Society

The Life and Imaginations of Sally Paul

The oH Project collection: Oral Histories of HIV/AIDS in Houston, Harris County, and Southeast Texas

The Red Book of Houston collection

The Rice Thresher

The Sweetheart of Texas Concert Hall & Saloon collection

Thomas Lindsey Blayney papers

TIMEA - Travelers in the Middle East Archive


U.S.S. Adams logbook

United Orthodox Synagogues records


Vera Prasilova Scott portraiture collection

Vietnamese American Heritage Foundation (VAHF) interviews

Vince Bell collection

Voyage au Brésil, by Jean Baptiste Debret


W.G. Jameson letter

W.H. Brooker U.S. Civil War diary

Wade Biography of Michel B. Menard collection

Walter Gardner Hall Texas Democrats papers

Walter Spinks collection

Weber-Staub-Briscoe architectural collection

Westheimer / Simon Family papers

Wheatfield and St. Elmo's Fire collection

William H. Masterson Controversy records

William J. Clinton Science Policy collection

William Marsh Rice Business and Estate ledgers

William Ward Watkin and allied families collection

William Wilkinson Green U.S. Civil War diary

William Williston Heartsill journal

World War II scrapbooks


Ye Old College Inn memorabilia

Young Marshall Moody Family papers


Zoroastrian Community interviews