The Red Book of Houston, compiled in 1915, documents a portion of Houston's Black community, focusing on their personal, educational, religious, and work lives. As part of Woodson Research Center's student-focused projects, we have worked with a team of Rice graduate and undergraduate students starting in 2019 to map the data from the book and to write biographies of people highlighted in the book.

This online exhibit includes:

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Adkins, Patsy D. Codwell

Allen, William

Antone, Martha


Barnes, Ned Eastman

Bell family

Includes Modestia Allen, Richard T. Andrews, Amanda Bell, Gave Bell, John Brown Bell, and Venora Allen Bell

Belle, J.W.

Black, M. Augusta Jackson

Bland, A.T.

Bonner, Ollie L.

Branks, R.W.

Brooks, M.C.

Brown, B. Nelson

Brown, Louise M.

Brown, T.R.

Broyles family

Includes Agnes Broyles, Anna Rosa Broyles, Gracy Broyles, Major Hannon Broyles, Major Broyles, Jr., Malinda Broyles, Mary Broyles, Mary Jane Broyles, Portia Broyles, Robbie Broyles, Robert Broyles, and Theresa Broyles

Burdett, J.R.

Burgess, Desdemona W.

Burgess, George O.

Burton, Harris

Burton, Irene Thompson

Butler, John


Calhoun, Daniel

Calhoun, Mary A.

Cannon, W.H.

Carr family

Includes Adolphus Wade Carr, Alvoria Carr, Anna Ray Car, Caroline Carr, and Rachel Ann Willis Carr

Catchings family

Includes Robert M. Catchings, Bessie G. Maynard Catchings, John Albert Catchings, and Dily Merritt

Cebron, Sam

Codwell, J.M.

Conway, Cora B.

Conway, W.C.

Cooper, Charles C.

Cooper, Roxie

Covington family

Includes Dr. B.J. Covington, Jennie Belle Murphy Covington, Ernestine Jessie Covington, and Thomas C. Dent


Davenport, Thomas C., Jr.

DeGaultie family

Includes Adolph DeGaultie, Henry Charles DeGaultie, Maggie Thompson DeGaultie, Milton DeGaulite, and Charlotte Williams

Dickens, S.E. Henderson

Dickens, W.M.

Dickson, Winston M.C.

Dodson family

Includes Julius N. Dodson, Amanda A. Brandon, Dodson, Jeff Brandon, Lizzie Young Brandon, and Charity Wiggins

Durham, Emory A.


Felder, Austin G.

Felder, Mrs. Austin G.

Franklin, Henry

Franklin, Nancy Foster


Gilder, Jesse W.

Glenn, J.G.

Goodman, E.W.

Goodwin, Dan A.

Grimes family

Includes Betty Arnett Grimes, Buchanan H. Grimes, Buchanan H. Grimes, Jr., Hattie Alley Grimes, Jessie Grimes, and Wessie Grimes


Hagen, Annie Pruett

Hagen, Green

Hall, Georgia

Hardeway, Jordan J.

Harmon family

Includes Hannah L. Parker Harmon, J.H Harmon, and J.H. Harmon, Jr.

Harper, Columbus C.

Harris, C.L.

Harris, Charles G.

Harris, Charlina

Harris, Mandy

Hayward, James A.

Henry, William McKinley

Hester, Alexander Z.

Hester, Julia C. Thomas

Hicks, Bertram

Hill, W. Deams

Hogrobrooks, Inez

Hogrobrooks, Marcus

Hogrobrooks, Theodore

Hogrobrooks, Theodore, Jr.

Holden, Mary J. Breedlove

Holden, Percy H.

Holly, Mrs. D.P.

Holmes, Bob

Howard, Edward James

Howard, Mary D.P.

Hunter, Walter Q.


Jackson, Estella B.

Jackson, Joseph H.

Jackson, W.H.

Johnson, A.J.

Johnson, William

Jones, D.L.

Jones, J. Will


Kay, S.G.

King, Julia A.

Kyle, James


Lawrence, Rebecca

Lee, Henry E.

Lights, F.L.

Lights, Pearl August

Lockett, Richard G.

Logan, Wade H.

Love family

Includes Charles N. Love, Sarah Jane Holland and Lilla Branch Love.

Luckey, Mary Marshall

Luckey, Will


Mason, Mrs. Sammie

Mason, Sammie

McCoy, Bailey

McCullough, Olletta Beatrice McCloney

McCullough, P.H.

McMillan, D.B.

McMillan, Daniel B.

McMillan, Nolan M.

McMillan, Zelma C. Graves

McMurray, Albert

McNealy, James E.

Miller, Ada L.

Miller, Lillian E.

Miller, W.E.

Mims family

Includes Alfred J. Mims, Henry Lucius Mims, Leonard H. Mims, Nannie B. Turner Mims, and Rosetta Davis Mims.

Mitchell, Frankie J. Johnson

Mitchell, Henry J.

Monroe, Mamie L. Tanner

Monroe, W.H.

Moore, Mary

Morris, Wesley S.

Mosely, James L.

Moses, Ben


Nelson, S.M.

Nelson, Viola L. Evander

Noble, E.T.

Noble, Mrs. E.T.


Paley, Adam D.

Paley, Consada

Patten, Mason B.

Pendleton, James

Pendleton, Lillie Bell Price

Perkins, Allen G.

Perkins, Allen G., Jr.

Pierson, Edward Donahue

Pierson, Edward Donahue, Jr.

Pierson, Eulalia V.

Pierson, L.L.

Pierson, Theodore D.

Porter, Gideon

Porter, H.P.

Pullum, Emma

Pullum, Nathan Lawrence

Pullum, Ned P.


Ramsey, Edward B.

Rhodes, Wash

Roberts, Clara

Robinson, Andy

Robinson, B.C.

Robinson, Carey R.

Robinson, Edward W.

Robinson, Gertrude Jeter

Robinson, M.E.

Robinson, Mrs. Carey R.

Robinson, Mrs. E.C.

Robinson, Toney

Robinson, Will

Russell, Cora Wallace

Russell, J.G.

Rutherford, Allen L.

Rutledge, James S.


Sample, Joseph P.

Scott, Emmett J.

Scott, William M.

Simpson, Emma Shelton

Simpson, Samuel J.

Smith, Ernest Olington

Southern, Herbert B.

Southwell, Jeremiah M.

Stafford, John Thomas

Stafford, Mrs. John Thomas

Steward, James

Stokes, Frank W.


Thomas, Lin

Thompson, Aaron

Toran, Sam


Wallace, Viola

Washington, Lall

Watkins, Mrs. P.H.

Watkins, P.H.

Williams, August A.

Williams, Cornelius O.

Williams, Henry

Williams, Henry N.

Williams, James

Williams, Julius W.

Williams, M.E.

Williams, Malvin

Williams, Wash

Wyndon family

Includes William Wyndon, Helen Garland Wyndon, Myrtle Thomas Wyndon, and Blanche Noble Wyndon


Young, William M.