Portions of the first section were written by Caleb McDaniel, Jaclyn Youngblood, Ryan Shaver, Jocelyn Wright, Kathryn Skilton, and students in the Fall 2011 semester of HIST 246. The second section, Slavery and the Battle of Sabine Pass, was written by Caleb McDaniel with research and technical assistance from Amanda Focke, Blake Earle, and Jarvis Sam. Research assistance was also provided by Mercy Harper, Ryan Shaver, Kathryn Skilton, Jaclyn Youngblood, and Jocelyn Wright. The following people also contributed work: Michael Abunasr-Shiraz, Victor Acuna, Bridget Byquist, Clarissa Cox, Jurjen De Jong, Adam Gierlach, Ross Hill, Alex Honold, Clare Jensen, Zach Kopplin, Craig Labbate, Gabriela Lopez, Abby Marcus, Matthew Mariani, Elizabeth Pogue, Elizabeth Shulman, Courtney Svatek, and Adam Zornes.

Crucial assistance was also provided by Marie Wise of the Houston Public Library, Mercy Harper, Jean Niswonger, and Kim Ricker. Generous funding from the Humanities Research Center supported undergraduate research internships for three Rice students who worked on the project.

A streamlined version of the original exhibit was migrated to this platform in 2024.